Dental X-rays – Taking a peek under the surface

During examination of the oral cavity and teeth, the dentist may be able to assess the state of the teeth and the oral cavity with the naked eye, but he cannot see any processes developing below the enamel and in the dentine, or any changes occurring in the bones or roots and the area around them. For this purpose, dental X-rays are used, which yield additional information about the state of the tissues not visible to the naked eye. Artdent Bled’s X-ray diagnostics are performed by the Jesenice Health Centre, which uses the most advanced digital X-ray technology.

Business hours of the Dental X-Ray Department of the Jesenice Health Centre:

Monday14:00 – 18.00
Tuesday 8.00  –  12.00
Wednesday 8.00  –  12.00
Thursday 8.00  –  12.00
Friday 8.00  –  12.00

Orthopan (panoramic dental X-ray) imaging should be scheduled in advance;
please call +386 (0)4 586 81 02 between 12 and 1 pm.